Friday, 7 August 2009

A moon just for me

I thought I was going mad on my drive home from a friends house at 9.30pm this evening. As I crossed over the traffic lights onto a country lane I saw in front of me what looked like an amazing African sunset –a huge, orange/ red glowing sun. I was confused because a) it was in the east and b) it was 9.30pm at night.

so it must have been the moon - I’d never seen anything like it before.

When I got home all excited I researched the net and good old
wikipedia told me there was meant to be a lunar eclipse on the 6th august – (yesterday) as did the rest of the Internet?? How weird! I am surprised that no one on the Internet predicted a lunar eclipse on the 7th August 2009

So am I going completely bonkers or has everyone just missed this beautiful sighting? Maybe I'm still drunk from my 30th birthday celebrations last weekend and its all in my head ;o) !!!

if any one has any answers I'd like to hear them

On a different note did anyone do anything today at 12.34: 56 07/08/09