Saturday 8 May 2010

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Hello to all my followers - just a reminder to say we are now blogging from our website - be great to have you guys over - we've got an arary of music playlists, updates and a i've even posted my very own poem!!!

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Friday 26 March 2010

new site, new blog, come find me! ps....

Helloo - I'm Back, but i've moved so please come and see the new website, join my new blog and please feel free to drop me your opinion on the new website/ blog -

I promise i will not leave it months on end in between blogging

ps - did i tell you I'm having a baby in June... :O)

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Friday 7 August 2009

A moon just for me

I thought I was going mad on my drive home from a friends house at 9.30pm this evening. As I crossed over the traffic lights onto a country lane I saw in front of me what looked like an amazing African sunset –a huge, orange/ red glowing sun. I was confused because a) it was in the east and b) it was 9.30pm at night.

so it must have been the moon - I’d never seen anything like it before.

When I got home all excited I researched the net and good old
wikipedia told me there was meant to be a lunar eclipse on the 6th august – (yesterday) as did the rest of the Internet?? How weird! I am surprised that no one on the Internet predicted a lunar eclipse on the 7th August 2009

So am I going completely bonkers or has everyone just missed this beautiful sighting? Maybe I'm still drunk from my 30th birthday celebrations last weekend and its all in my head ;o) !!!

if any one has any answers I'd like to hear them

On a different note did anyone do anything today at 12.34: 56 07/08/09

Friday 31 July 2009

Diamond Dreams

Just dropping in to say – I’m loving life! – hope you all are too!

The funeral industry is so exciting - and it's really gaining momentum. Phoenix Diamonds were on Channel 4 last Friday night - now I'm getting tones of enquires from folks all over the UK wanting advise on what to do with their loved ones ashes!

night everyone!

Sunday 19 July 2009

Who gobbled up all the time?

I know I know – it’s been soooo long. June and July just seems to have been some kind of whirl wind and time has sped up to 100mph! .

So what have I been up to I hear you ask! In a nutshell....

4 days at the National Funeral Exhibition –wow, I think my feet are still recovering 6 weeks on!

4 weeks of being ‘Goldie Cook Secret agent’ trying to win £20,000 so I could invest into Sentiment.. Didn’t win by the way, but hey ho, some nice deserving hardworking chap did win and I was very happy for him. (How gracious of me!!)

5 days of Poxy Child....My Little girl Constance got the chicken pox! (check out her spots!)

5 days and nights at Glastonbury festival - Connie's 3rd Glasto and she's not even 3 yet!!

1 day at Wireless festival - spot my Goo on the loose flag! - Please refer to
Goldiecook's youtube channel for more flag flying!

In between the festivals, fun and rum I have been working working working... recession? what recession! I am now recruiting for new crew across the UK, my email is filling up daily with applicants - now i've gotta find the time to go through them!

Friday was the last day of pre-school for Connie for 7 whole weeks... 7 WEEKS!!!! So tomorrow is the first day of being supermum & superbuinesswoman - wish me luck!

One last photo WARNING 'parental brag coming up' ... my daughter is a genius ;O) she not only started to learn to read at 2 and half but 2 months before her 3rd birthday I walked into to find this on her blackboard (Below) yes she wrote and spelt her own name all on her own... I AM SOOO PROUD!!
Right enough of that - I've got work to do!!

Take care everyone xx

Wednesday 17 June 2009

I laid in a coffin!!!

It has taken me until today to finally recover from the National Funeral Exhibition!!!

What an incredible weekend. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came to see us on the stand. I was amazed at the positive response from the Funeral Directors (amongst a few grumbles!!) It seemed about 80% of them were open to the idea of video production and photo montages at a funeral. About 30% of Funeral Directors said their families were asking more and more about video productions. 50% Funeral Directors who came to the stand walked away wanting to offer our service, which was a fantastic feeling that’s for sure!!!

I will no doubt write more about the expo weekend over the next coming weeks however I am currently on a mission to win £20k and I need all the support I can get.

Last week it was confirmed that I was into the final stage of a Cadburys competition. I am now competing with 9 other Cadbury Cream Egg Twisted Super Agents to hunt down the Goo on the Loose! Goldie Cook is my Super Secret Agent name and my mission is to track down ‘the GOO’ that is on the loose. I have to follow the clues to where the Goo is going to attack next by trekking up and down the country to secret locations. I have to document my progress by Twitter, YouTube videos and gain as much support publicity as possible.

When I was at the exhibition I got a secret mission from HQ to do to a Rap and upload it to YouTube!!! So I laid in a coffin and did my rap!! I had a great audience and it created lots of laughs from funeral directors and suppliers alike ... there really is fun in funerals” (Thanks to SK imports for lending us their cofffin)

In 2 weeks time the mission will end and all my activity will be assessed. The winner is the one who gains the most support and PRESS!!! I need help in drumming up as much press interest as possible – DO YOU KNOW ANYONE, can you help?

By clicking on all of my YouTube videos and following me on twitter and sending the links to all your friends you can also help raise my profile.

Please support me by following my twitter campaign
And check out my other crazy YouTube videos

Wednesday 10 June 2009

We are at the National Funeral Exhibition this Friday – Sunday

Sentiment is at the National Funeral Exhibition 12th – 14th June (this week) Come and see us in the in the innovations area (Hall 1).

We will be promoting tribute DVD’s and video production for the funeral industry

Why visit Sentiment? - As well as being lovely approachable ladies, we will also have loads of freebies to give away!

The innovations area is a great place to sit and chat with Sentiment and the other suppliers on the stand. Take the time relax in the seating area and view tribute films and photo montages on our BIG TV!

Come and see Sentiment and we'll can keep you informed on:

· Video and photo montages / slideshows
· Tribute films
· Filming of funerals
· Hire of Screens, TV, projectors and PA’s
· Editing · Filming
· Photo and slide scanning
· VHS, cine and audio transfers

We are also here if you have any questions about how we work with Funeral Directors all over the UK and how it can complement your business.