Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Stiff old funeral directors make me laugh!!!

Ohh you’ve got to see the funny side of the funeral industry, half the industry are a bunch of old crooners stuck in their ways, fighting with other funeral directors over business, bitter and twisted arguments over who has the contract for the hospital, moaning about the coroners, and stealing car keys from each other hearses... http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2009/may/12/funeral-hearse-keys-stolen

After 3 years I have met many bitching, moaning, competitive old boys with one foot in the grave while their heads so high in the clouds they have a altitude problem.... I’ve been cold shouldered by about a 2/3 of funeral directors that I have met along the way!

I did a presentation to a group of funeral directors last week - most walked into the room and avoided me!! However during my presentation I felt the room was divided. Most sat there and smiled while a handful sat there and scowled or looked utterly bemused ... one even shook his head and walked out!!! How can you possibly be offended by a beautiful photo and video tribute??!!!

I will say though, at least 1/3 of the industry are Lovely! There are funeral directors out there who are pretty special, who really do think about family needs, who think much further than the profit margin on a coffin.... Those who are amazing are the ones that embrace the changes in trends and cultures, bend over backwards to help families and don’t turn their nose up at an unusual request. These funeral directors are the ones who will walk away smiling when they’re business is growing while others are failing – they are the future.

My theory on this... The ‘crooners’ are fearful of change, too dam lazy to allow their minds to think out of the box so they hide their fear with ignorance and stubbornness.

So my message to my grumpy old chums is this... life is short as you well know, there is plenty of business out there for everyone , do your job well and you’ll have nothing to worry about!


  1. I can't imagine anyone walking out on a presentation you're giving! You're so animated and engaging. What a grumpy old fart :)

  2. I feel it behoves me to rise to the defence of those Funeral Directors (among whose number I count myself) to whom Dignity, Decorum and Sclerotic Practices will from everlasting unto everlasting be Pre-eminent. We wholly deplore the current trend, or fad, for what are termed 'celebrations of life', believing that a funeral should be a time of bleakness and dry-eyed misery punctuated by platitudes mumbled by an ordained Minister of Religion attired in anachronistic garments smelling faintly of pipe smoke and old gravy.

    I, dear lady, would have withdrawn with the greatest alacrity and in the deepest dudgeon from your magic lantern presentation. It is with great sadness and no less indignation that I see you characterise and dismiss those of us who uphold the proud Standards and Traditions of our calling as 'crooners'.

    I trust, indeed I believe, that you will not prevail. It is my earnestly held conviction that Sense and Reason and the Timeless Values of my primordial Profession will reassert themselves among right-thinking people, and that you and your kind will be Utterly Confounded.

    O. Fart, Dip FD, RLSS (Bronze)

  3. This reply had me in utter stitches!!!! THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Charles!!! x

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  5. Whilst most funerals are arranged through a funeral director it is possible, though not advised, that you could arrange everything yourself.