Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Its not all about death you know!

I spent the weekend relaxing by the seaside with my husband, daughter and a few of our friends in Suffolk. The weather was amazing for November; not a cloud in the sky and the sun actually felt warm. So much so, my 2 year old daughter insisted on running around the empty beach with her wellies full of sea water! I sat outside the beech hut watching my friends and daughter playing on the sand and I had 'one of those moments' when you look at the sky, breathe in the fresh air and look at the world carrying on with its life . You just 'get it'. You understand why George Weiss & Bob Thiele managed to write the utterly perfect song - 'Wonderful World'. Its all a bit cheesy, I know, and I maybe want to shake myself for even writing and admitting to these feelings, but to be honest I get them a lot.

Sometimes we'll be working on a
tribute film and I have hold back any tears that may want to fall during the editing, but when I sit back and watch the final cut on the big TV, I'll be overcome by the exact the same feelings as I had on the beech at the weekend. I'll shed a tear because watching my clients life in film , seeing what they have done in their lifetime, makes me - well 'get it' - It shows me just how wonderful life really is.

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  1. Absolutely right, Louise. And the wonderfulness doesn't stop when someone dies, we need to remember that if we can in all our sadness. I have to say it, I'm not a believer in cheesy. That's a sneery word (it's a bit British, too). Emotions are not super-clever, Oxbridge educated things: they are basic, elemental, simple. And it's truly a wonderful thing that they can be complemented, completed, even, by music. The best things in life need a soundtrack! Words in themselves, powerful as they can be, are not enough at a funeral. We need pictures and we need music. If it takes sophisticated technology and advanced film editing skills to achieve that, well, it is all in the service of encapsulating the utter simplicity of love. It's by acknowledging and expressing that that we deal deal with death and make some sort of sense of it, not with a racing intellect and cleverness. Speak from the heart, not the head!

    Thank you for this, Louise - you've really got me thinking. And I'll be humming Wonderful World all day. It is. Thank you for reminding us!