Tuesday, 16 December 2008

On the 3rd day of Christmas...

On the 3rd day of Christmas my accountant said to me “I don’t have a will” – * needle scratches record* YOU DON’T HAVE A WILL?? You have to be kidding me right?

The reason this conversation started is because he’s reading a Jeremy Clarkson autobiography - apparently Jeremy talks about the fact when you hit 40 years of age you begin to spend every day for the rest of your life thinking about your death (I’m sure Jeremy Clarkson has a much more humorous way of writing than I do)… anyway

Since my accountant has turned the ripe old age of 40 he has in fact developed an irrational thinking of death - he fears his man flu is going to turn into throat cancer and his aching old leg joints are thrombosis, his acid indigestion is a heart attack, and the effects of last night curry is going to cause certain death!

So if you think this way how on earth can you not have a will??

“I’ve been meaning to do it for years”
“All our money will just go to the kid’s, right?”
“I suppose the kids would go and live with my sister”,
“Actually my sister in law is a control freak and she would want the kids”
“My brother and his wife would be best for the kids”
“Yes I suppose the whole family would feel they’d have right to our kids”
Gosh I’d never thought of that
“I just assumed we wouldn’t really need a will”

It costs about £100 for a will and about £150 for 2 wills

For peace of mind and for the sake of any family disputes why would you not
make a will?


  1. Well said, Louise. It can't be said enough or with enough emphasis. I guess we just don't talk about death, and get used to the idea, soon enough. Frankly, I'd like to see every child when they're at school get their heads around the fact that one day they'll be burying their parents -- or the other way around. The earlier you get used to it the more calmly realistic you're going to be -- and the better you are going to live. Paralysed with sudden terror at 40 is not the best way to get ready. And if you fail to make a will, the consequences will cause people to speak ill of you ever after. No one wants to be remembered like that!