Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Funeral Favours

I was reading the daily undertaker today, the author wrote an article on parting gifts (what I call Funeral Favours). Here at Sentiment, we love 'Funeral Favours'. If you love giving gifts and you are pre-planning your own funeral, then why not leave a little something as a thank you to your friends and family - it doesn't have to cost anything.

Some people have sugared almonds as a traditional wedding favour (apologies for any one who had them at their wedding, but yuck!!! ). These days there is a craze for bending the rules of tradition and giving something unique. For my own wedding we hand painted (*roll of the eyes*) Yes HAND PAINTED 130 glass tea light holders!!! At 5am in the morning and with 50 still to go, it dawned on me that it wasn't the best idea I'd had! However, I have a friend who went one better.
Hillary ever so stupidly thought that making an assortment of home made Jams to give to each of her 120 guests was a great idea - she didn't sleep for a week! (They did taste good though)

Ok so we're not talking weddings here, we're talking funerals. And I'm sure most of my clients have better things to do with their short lives than paint tea lights and make jam!

For one young lady (Sarah), we came up with the idea of handing out
Cadbury's chocolate bars at her funeral. Sarah loved Cadbury's chocolate (don't we all? As I type this blog, the other half of my brain is planning my escape out of the office and down to the newsagents to buy myself a Cadbury's Cruchie!) Back to my point... Sarah imagined her friends finding the time to sit with their chocolate bars, with a nice cup of tea and reminisce about the good times they had together. Her other reason was that chocolate helps release endorphins and this would help her friends and family smile!

Here are a few other funeral favour ideas we have used:
Packs of Gardening seeds
Tribute DVD
Candles (scented)
For me - I'd give everyone a mix cd with 20 of my favourite songs. I like the idea of my friends hoovering their houses on a Sunday morning playing my CD on the highest volume and singing their heads off, or maybe on a road trip, or lying a beach somewhere. Or evening better - listening to my mix on their iPod's when they run their charity
'Race For Life'.

So what would be your Funeral Favour? Do you think the whole idea is awful? Please let me know your thoughts.


  1. I love the idea of funeral favours. The seeds are a lovely idea but I think the mixed cd is even more brilliant. So I think I'll snag your idea and say that a mixed cd would be my funeral favour. The only hard part would be narrowing down which songs to include (though that wouldn’t be as difficult as making 130 pots of jam. PS: I’m glad you enjoyed the jam as it’s the last I’ll ever be making.)

  2. At a funeral led by a friend of mine the family passed round Murraymints for people to suck during the tribute. The deceased was famous for her love of Murraymints, was always sucking them an always had a pocketful to distribute to other people.

    I love the iPod mix. That's a brilliant idea!

    Great post, Louise.

  3. I have a cd which was put together by a dear old friend of mine for his friends before he died a few years ago. The cover has a picture of him wearing a purple wig. I love playing it, and yes, it does make me think of him and feel that he is close, which is lovely.

  4. Thanks for pulling all this info together. I was getting lost trying to plan a Funeral for my dad - your funeral ideas really helped.