Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The best thing in simply living.

When you are aware of, hear, see and feel the pain and sadness in the lives of others, it can only make you appreciate what you have – not what you don’t have, haven’t had in the past or won’t have in the future.

So many people who have really lovely lives love to moan; about their job being crap, they want a new car, the kids are getting on their nerves, they’ve no money to go on holiday, the're husband doesn't do the washing up right, life's not fair, I hate.. I want... Yarda yarda yarda (You know what I mean?)... and yes, we all fall into the poor me trap sometimes, but we get out before we get bogged down with poor me syndrome. So how is it that so many people do not jump out of that hole before it becomes a deep dark and sulky life, losing the capability to look up to see how beautiful the sky is, or appreciate that they can pick up the phone and talk to the person they love or even appreciate that they have a working body?

I think maybe society today wants so much that they just can’t see what they have – the simplest things is what makes up your life, your everyday tasks; for me washing up with my music blaring and shaking my bum in time to the beat, tidying up the incessant mess my 2 year old makes, picking up my daughter from school and hearing her babble on about what she has done, working until the small hours in the office with my husband beside me on his computer tapping away, the snuggle and kiss goodnight before we fall asleep... and most importantly waking up to radio 6 (they always have a great song on at 6am!) getting up and getting out of bed is bloody hard work when it’s cold outside and you’ve only had 4 hours sleep, but it’s a new day and it’s another day in your life to carry on doing those simple things that one day will be taken away from you.

Living life ... It’s great. It’s so simple, good God, I would miss it if I couldn't do it!

How do I tell these grumpy folks to wake up to life?

"Because terminal illness robs its victims of so much. Of all the ordinary days which drift past without you noticing — the days of simply sharing a life as it goes by" Roads -the price of love blog


  1. Ahhh Lou! Well said, lady!
    I miss you and your cheerful spirit.

  2. There's a lorra PLOM (Poor Little Old Me) about and I too fret if there is not a torrent of consumer goods tsunami-ing through my front door. Life goes adverse with me. I feel (sob) that I live in a Vale of Tears.

    Or not, as the case may be. No, you make a good point, Lou, and you make it well. I guess that, to live life to the full, you've gotta have vitality. That and a strong sense that the best things in life -- love, sunlight -- are free.

    Hey, we'd miss you if you didn't do it! We all spark off you!

  3. Thanks very much, Louise. All those myriad little problems -- they can seem like a matter of life and death, as sports commentators are so delighted to say.

    But generally, we haven't the faintest clue of just how lucky we are.