Wednesday, 18 February 2009

I wasn't go to write about this... but!

Its half term this week so I’ve been hanging out with lots of mums - Hot topic in the mummy world? You guessed it... ‘Jade Goody’!

To be fair I’ve not seen much of the Jade thing as I’m not one for the media – I don’t buy the papers, I rarely watch the news and I certainly don’t buy magazines due to the wise words of a Baz luhrmann’s song ‘Sunscreen’ - “don’t buy beauty magazines they only make you feel ugly”

So I did a bit of investigating into the media and my reaction was – wow, it’s everywhere! Also, where people can have an opinion they do! There are some beautiful messages to her, but also on a few blogs and social networking sites people seem to be up in arms about the media coverage she has encouraged... why? Because they all like a good chance to criticise and think they are so much better!

I like to think that Jade is saying...“ f*** you I’m dying! I can do what the hell I like and dam well do what I feel is right in my own death... I don’t give too hoots to what you or your dog has to say about it, come share the same opinions with me when you’re in my life position and I’ll kick you with your own sodding insults and see if you’re as strong as me”

My message to Jade Goody is ‘Good on you girl... good on you! Get as much money as you can! In the process you raise awareness of how critical cancer can be and how it can affect anyone one at any age. Show the UK that they are dam lucky to be alive and well, hopefully in the process they will face the reality that people die and maybe just maybe it could happen to them –Yes it’s like looking at a car crash, but doesn’t looking at a car crash make you more aware to drive carefully?

I am saddened for her, no matter what the media has to say about her, no matter how she is perceived ... she is human and until you are in her boots I don’t think anyone can judge.
The fact of the matter is, it is tragic! For her and of course for anyone else in the same position as she is.

My love and thoughts go out to Jade and everyone else that is going through the same suffering.

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  1. Last time I posted a comment it was eaten! Fingers crossed...

    Good for you for writing as you have, Louise. There's too much sneering. I love all this caring about faulty, loud Jade. We are all involved in her death, just as we are in the deaths of everybody. When the bell tolls...

    Let us hope she will find courage and peace. She's making a much better fist of this than most people would.