Thursday, 12 March 2009

Jades wedding - photo slideshow / photo montage

So did anyone watch Jades wedding on Living TV?I love a good wedding so settled down to watch the 2 hour episode - I cried my eyes out all the way through! what did you think?

There was a lovely photo slideshow / photo montage provided by her ‘best men’– I love that photo montages are becoming the norm for weddings, funerals and anniversaries. caters for all celebrations of life. New samples due to go up on the website in the next few weeks in the mean time there have been some updates, in products including memory books.


  1. I can attest to Sentiment's awesome montage skills!!

  2. It's the perfect package, simple as that. Perfect. Speaks louder and more eloquently than any number of well-chosen words. It's got to be what everyone will do. That combination of pictures and music captures the heart -- says it all. You are the future, Louise, I have no doubt of it.

  3. Hi Louise
    I can see from this and your previous post that you're interested in the Jade Goody story. It's thought-provoking in terms of our changing perceptions of terminal illness and grief, although the romanticisation of both isn't at all helpful when compared with the harsh and painful realities involved.

    Although it's hard to imagine two more different people, I read one description of Jade yesterday as a Diana from the wrong side of the tracks, and there were more echoes in today's reference to Our Essex Princess. Clearly we can expect Jade's full-blown media sainthood to be confirmed before the funeral on the 4th April.

    Like you, the story has intrigued me, so here are some thoughts: For Jade - because only the good die young.

    There's a cracking review in today's Guardian, too: Jade Goody: A reflection of our times.

  4. great post there Roads. I feel so sad by the whole thing, for her and for any parent that is faced with the same fate. I had a rant a few blogs ago about the negative vibes off some people about the ‘Jade thing’

    I am really looking forward to see what she’s planned for her funeral...

    times are changing times are changing!