Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The Power of Music

If people ask me why I set up Sentiment the usual reply isMusic’!

Knowing how music can vastly change an image you are watching, an event you are attending or an emotion that you are experiencing is the main reason for driving Sentiment forward. The right music at a funeral or an event can leave an impact that will last forever in your heart. And the right music set to photos or video means you will watch it over and over again feeding from the comfort of both the music and the imagery.

Music has the power to influence your mood, manipulate your perceptions and make a situation better.

I am well aware that not everyone is a music ‘boff’, in fact I have been incredibly surprised that half of my clients have no idea what music they want for their DVDs or events. In this instance I get the honourable opportunity to get to understand their tastes and help them choose something that’s appropriate and meaningful to them.

Here is my first instalment of
'Music For The Soul'... There is something here for everyone.

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Spotify to link direct to the play list . If you don't already have a Spotify account then I would suggest you get one - its free and blooming great... the best music site next to LastFM

For those of you who are dedicated LastFM users then do check out Spotify , otherwise link to the LastFM playlist

I'll be doing more play lists - if your lucky you'll get one every month!!!


  1. Thank you, Louise, for tearing an hour out of my day - an hour very well spent. Spotify is bloomin WONDERFUL!!

    And, jayz, you are so right. Spoken words at a funeral work great when they're talking about the dead person. They work far less well when they're trying to make sense of things. They ought to soar when they're poetic, but I am often struck by how far poetry flaps its pretty wings, fails to take off, falls short.

    Everyone has a soundtrack to their life. Music is incredibly powerful, even, importantly, to folk who aren't all that music-minded (like an old Radio 4 bof like me, for example). Put music with pictures and, frankly, spoken words begin to look like pitifully poor relations.

    Thank you for this really ear-opening post, Louise. My heart is all bigged up with what you have taught me!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it!

    I have to be really open when it comes to peoples music tastes and often their choice is not what I would choose – Songs like Wind Beneath my Wings I always think is a No No because it’s so sad and can cause everyone to fall apart - but we have been asked to use that song 3 times now and one feedback was it had a standing ovation!

    Today I have been asked to choose 3 pieces of music for a 3D montage, I can find myself lost for days searching for new music it’s the best part of my Job!

  3. Lou, you'll not be surprised to hear that I 100% agree that music is as important to celebrating life as words and pictures. For example, at my Dads cremation, one of the songs we chose was "Fever " by Peggy Lee. Not just because of the fact it was his favourite song, but also the irony of the closing lyric "what a lovely way to burn" We knew if he'd been there he'd have laughed like a nutter!

    This is a great post, and I wish you nothing but success. You're clearly (to me anyway) on to a winner.

    p.s. If you need a composer give me bell!

  4. Dave - what a great song choice for your Dad. He was such a cool guy. I didn’t know he had died Dave, I am so sorry.

    For everyone who reads this - Dave was one of the first people to inspire and influence me to think outside the box when it came to music.

    I have a lot to thank you for.. you also encourage me to get into the music biz when I was 16!!