Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Dont bring me flowers...

I’ve never been a massive fan of flowers for funerals. In my family we have always said no to flowers and asked people to donate to charity. I could never understand why people would spend £100 on a wreath that would be seen for an hour. I even tried to convinced a local florist a few years back to make ‘ reusable fake wreaths’ just to go on the coffin during the ceremony... I’m a bit of a scrooge!

Yesterdays funeral consisted of about £10,000 worth of flowers! I had never in my life seen so many flowers. There were 3 lorry’s, each over flowing with outstanding floral tributes. Each tribute was made into something unusual from the Tower of London, speed boats, Lorry’s, hearts, teddy’s, angels, shirts, cars and even Coke Cans – not a cellophane wrapped bunch of flowers in sight, just grand floral tributes in their hundreds! This could have been perceived as tasteless and over the top, especially as they dominated the entire cemetery, however I thought it was bloody wonderful - what a send off? How amazing that all these people emptied out their pockets to pay their respect with flowers to a good old working class man of the community... this is not a celebrity we are talking about just a great guy!

Yes, I’ve changed my mind - bring me flowers by the bucket load for my funeral, they are fab!

(I will post a still from the film as soon as I get permission from the family)


  1. With you all the way, Louise. Utilitarian expenditure is terribly sensible and utterly joyless. Money is stuff to be blown!

    Each to their own, eh? Best practice driven by cold logic is to be resisted. No room for logic at a funeral!

  2. Money IS stuff to be blown... Please tell my husband that Charles before he closes my bank account!!! ;o)

    I agree - There is no room for logic at a funeral. I think that’s just the way it should be!