Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Comin' for to carry me home

When I first set up Sentiment 3 years ago one of the first things I did was write my funeral plan. 3 years have since flown by, so last night I settled down to see what has changed... Surprisingly nothing drastic - other than the amount of input a funeral director has. In my original plan I had requested that the family call in the local FD and have them do everything - but not use their hearse because I want a bus!

Recently I decided that I didn’t really want the local FD to take over my funeral because I have come to believe it’s really important to have everyone involved (if they so wish). I added to the plan some information and advise so my family can carry out most of their own arrangements from transporting my body , washing it down right through holding ‘viewing’ at our home.

Today’s blog from the
Good Funeral Guide coincides with what I had written... and I’d like to stand up and give Charles a round of a applause for making it sound logical!


  1. Great minds, Louise!

    It's a shame that no one in the UK has yet written a really good guide to home funerals which enables people to decide for themselves how far they want to go, having in mind difficulties and risks. For the time being, I'd strongly recommend the Resource Guide (a home funeral manual) from Find it here:

    It ain't easy, not necessarily, but I think that the longer one spends meditating this biz of death and funerals, the more inclined one becomes to 'keep it in the family'.

    I very much hope that the newly reinvigorated Natural Death Centre will address this bigtime.

  2. Undertaken With Love: A Home Funeral Guide for Congregations and Communities is a not-for-profit educational project aimed at increasing awareness of the family's right to care for its own dead. Please note our new website URLs:

    The main website, where you can download a free PDF of our group study guide to home funerals, is now

    The associated blog is now at

    Thanks so much for your part in the home funeral movement!

    Holly Stevens, project coordinator