Wednesday, 17 June 2009

I laid in a coffin!!!

It has taken me until today to finally recover from the National Funeral Exhibition!!!

What an incredible weekend. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came to see us on the stand. I was amazed at the positive response from the Funeral Directors (amongst a few grumbles!!) It seemed about 80% of them were open to the idea of video production and photo montages at a funeral. About 30% of Funeral Directors said their families were asking more and more about video productions. 50% Funeral Directors who came to the stand walked away wanting to offer our service, which was a fantastic feeling that’s for sure!!!

I will no doubt write more about the expo weekend over the next coming weeks however I am currently on a mission to win £20k and I need all the support I can get.

Last week it was confirmed that I was into the final stage of a Cadburys competition. I am now competing with 9 other Cadbury Cream Egg Twisted Super Agents to hunt down the Goo on the Loose! Goldie Cook is my Super Secret Agent name and my mission is to track down ‘the GOO’ that is on the loose. I have to follow the clues to where the Goo is going to attack next by trekking up and down the country to secret locations. I have to document my progress by Twitter, YouTube videos and gain as much support publicity as possible.

When I was at the exhibition I got a secret mission from HQ to do to a Rap and upload it to YouTube!!! So I laid in a coffin and did my rap!! I had a great audience and it created lots of laughs from funeral directors and suppliers alike ... there really is fun in funerals” (Thanks to SK imports for lending us their cofffin)

In 2 weeks time the mission will end and all my activity will be assessed. The winner is the one who gains the most support and PRESS!!! I need help in drumming up as much press interest as possible – DO YOU KNOW ANYONE, can you help?

By clicking on all of my YouTube videos and following me on twitter and sending the links to all your friends you can also help raise my profile.

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  1. It was great to see you there, Louise! When I could get a word in edgeways, that is, what with all those top hats clustered round you. But what a great do that expo is, yes?

    I shall follow your goo sleuthing with fascination and admiration. Love the YouTubes! Go for it, girl!

    And I hope you didn't leave choccy stains on that casket pillow!!

  2. Dear Lady

    I marvelled much at your moving-daguerreotype demonstration. I have seen the future. Now I am going back. The past is where I feel safest.


    O. Fart, Dip FD, RLSS (Bronze)