Sunday, 19 July 2009

Who gobbled up all the time?

I know I know – it’s been soooo long. June and July just seems to have been some kind of whirl wind and time has sped up to 100mph! .

So what have I been up to I hear you ask! In a nutshell....

4 days at the National Funeral Exhibition –wow, I think my feet are still recovering 6 weeks on!

4 weeks of being ‘Goldie Cook Secret agent’ trying to win £20,000 so I could invest into Sentiment.. Didn’t win by the way, but hey ho, some nice deserving hardworking chap did win and I was very happy for him. (How gracious of me!!)

5 days of Poxy Child....My Little girl Constance got the chicken pox! (check out her spots!)

5 days and nights at Glastonbury festival - Connie's 3rd Glasto and she's not even 3 yet!!

1 day at Wireless festival - spot my Goo on the loose flag! - Please refer to
Goldiecook's youtube channel for more flag flying!

In between the festivals, fun and rum I have been working working working... recession? what recession! I am now recruiting for new crew across the UK, my email is filling up daily with applicants - now i've gotta find the time to go through them!

Friday was the last day of pre-school for Connie for 7 whole weeks... 7 WEEKS!!!! So tomorrow is the first day of being supermum & superbuinesswoman - wish me luck!

One last photo WARNING 'parental brag coming up' ... my daughter is a genius ;O) she not only started to learn to read at 2 and half but 2 months before her 3rd birthday I walked into to find this on her blackboard (Below) yes she wrote and spelt her own name all on her own... I AM SOOO PROUD!!
Right enough of that - I've got work to do!!

Take care everyone xx


  1. Louise, it's terrific to have you back, and to know that you are alive and kicking ass, spreading merriment, and generally being a force of nature (what you do best).

    Tooo bad about the gooooo.

    As for Connie, I'm looking for a copy editor right now. Would she like to apply? Please ask her to forward details of her present remuneration package.


  2. Goldie Cook cracked me up - you are hilarious, lady! (and you totally deserved to win, in my opinion!)

  3. Ahhh its good to be back guys! Thanks for the posts!

    yes Hillary I did deserve to win - between you and me I plan on my own goo attack on Cadburys HQ as pay back

    Charles - you are so super smashing ace, if it wasnt for folks like you I’d not be able to spread such merriment!... RUM ANYONE?? ;O)